Size Guide

Unit Door Size Square Feet
5x5 -- 25
5x10 -- 50
10x10 8' x 8' 100
12x10 8' x 8' 120
10x15 8' x 8' 150
10x20 8' x 8' 200
10x25 8' x 8' 250
12x25 10' x 8' 300
12x30 10' x 8' 360
20x30 10' x 8' 600

5x5 Approximately the size of a smallwalk-in closet, ideal for storing small pieces of furniture, boxes, and miscellaneous small items.
5x10 About the size of a large walk-in closet and can contain, for example, a couch and a chair, bedroom set and small items and boxes.
10x10 About the size of a small bedroom and will hold the furniture (excluding appliances) from a one-bedroom apartment.
10x15 Could hold the contents of a three bedroom apartment or a two bedroom house.
10x20 About the size of a standard one-car garage. It's big enough for a car or truck, furniture, appliances, and personal items from a two or three bedroom house.
10x25 Larger than a one car garage. May store the contents of a four bedroom house.
12x30 Could hold the contents of a five-bedroom house, or provide vehicle storage with plenty of storage space left over for the contents of one or two small bedrooms. Also good for boats and trailers.
12x35 Equal to warehouse size, use for business inventory, car, boat, or contents of a five bedroom house. Ideal for boats and trailers.